Sep 14, 2007

FBI seeks "Bandit-Resembling Bandit"

Eludes fashion police

September 14, 2007

SEATTLE, WA -- The FBI is seeking an unidentified white male who has been wearing a hooded sweatshirt and sunglasses when entering area banks.

The Seattle office of the Fashion Bureau of Investigation says it is having trouble enforcing recent legislation creating a banking dress code to prevent robbers from hiding their faces from surveillance cameras.

The law, passed last week, was no match for the "Bandit-Resembling Bandit," who was seen entering a Venture Bank in Lacey. Security cameras captured his movements, but a large hoodie and dark aviators obscured his face.

"Make no mistake: this guy is a lawbreaker," said FBI agent Darrel Washnip. "The dude looks like a bandit. We're making every effort to track him down."

Washnip added, "It'd be much easier if he weren't wearing sunglasses. Which is why we need this law in the first place."

The FBI dress code does not affect customers who cover their growing bald spots in shame.

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