Sep 3, 2007

Bethel strike over?

It could be history a mere six days after beginning, KOMO reports:
Striking teachers and the Bethel School District reached a tentative contract agreement Monday that could end a short strike. Union officials say teachers could be in their classrooms as soon as Wednesday.

Bethel Education Association President Tom Cruver did not release any details of the settlement, which came after 25 hours of weekend negotiations, but he called it fair.

"It would be fair to say that both sides worked to find a middle ground," he said.

Teachers will vote Tuesday evening. If they ratify the contract, school will resume on Wednesday, Cruver said.
Based on Cruver's words, I'd wager with about 90% confidence that the teachers will ratify the contract.

Across Puget Sound, the Shoreline EA, meanwhile, moves closer to picketing.

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