Aug 26, 2007

photos of Westport, Grayland beaches

Which is where we spent the bulk of the afternoon. Nine photos; click the title or the timestamp if only three appear.

At the Westport Jetty, lazy tourists take the path or climb the tower. Not-so-lazy tourists clamber up the rocks for the full effect.

The log marks the spray line. Keep your camera close.

Little Richard's offers cheap, decent homemade donuts [sic] and coffee. Get there early if you want selection. Neither Little Richard nor Richard Little is likely to make an appearance.

Somebody's a wee bit unhappy with the incumbent.

This is a rusty truck. I doubt you needed a caption to know that.

The storm made threatening gestures, but then retreated southward.

Cooking over an open fire changes people, makes them crazy. God does not intend us to toast bagels like marshmallows.

Nor does He intend us to make "beach pie" out of charred nectarines and graham crackers.

Which sums it up.

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