Aug 11, 2007

new Oly downtown housing?

It's not yet certain, but it's a start:
The Olympia City Council is scheduled to vote Tuesday on an agreement to sell a half block on Columbia Street between Forth [sic] and Fifth Avenue to Colpitts Development Co. of Seattle for $270,000 so it can build about 120 apartments.

“Outstanding,” said Councilman Joe Hyer, who recruited Colpitts to build the project. He said the project would be the spark for new housing in the downtown core.

“The folks at Colpitts are actually chomping at the bit to get another piece of property,” he said.
Olympia's downtown is already splendid, and a larger permanent residency will only boost local business and continue to liven up the landscape.

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Update: A revamped Children's Museum may be coming, too.

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