Aug 29, 2007

LID delight

Ah, Learning Improvement Days. Exactly how much learning goes on? And how much improvement?

Our own Science Goddess endures them--and from a different perspective:
My overall impression today (formed among the 8 additional PowerPoints to yesterday's 9) is that many of the teachers at that school think very small...and are very selfish. I can't deny that my time out of the classroom that has coloured my vision. I tend to look at things in a much more global way these days...and I admit that gives me a bit of an attitude about things. But these experiences make me want to shake some teachers until they rattle.
Dr. Pezz notices the difference between theory and practice:
Then the administrative team emphasized the importance of relationships. I absolutely agree that the relationships built between students, staff, and administrators create much of our successes. They spoke very well in this regard because I wholeheartedly believe they are correct.

However, it was also obvious that the admins have no idea how to teach the teachers how to create better bonds with students. It's not that they don't want to do so. They just aren't successful at creating relationships themselves. This inability of theirs translates to an inability to model or instruct the teaching staff to build these relationships.
I offer a hypothesis: when it comes to LID lectures, your memory will be inversely proportional to the distance you have to travel up the command structure to reach the presenter.

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