Aug 24, 2007

Carl's Jr. coming to Lacey

Parked right across from Taco Bell, it appears:
Nick Trani, president of Northwest Foods LP, said his company plans to open a Carl’s Jr. restaurant off Pacific Avenue at South Sound Center in Lacey.

Work on the 2,600-square-foot branch at 3816 Pacific Ave. S.E. is expected to begin next month for a December or January opening, Trani said.

Each restaurant employs 60 to 70 people, he said.
Forget Carl's Jr. What this town really needs is Burgerville.

How 'bout it, Burgerville CEOs?

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dogscratcher said...

Carl's Jr? How can you stand the anticipation? Unrelatedly, the Carl's Jr. in my town (Richland WA) just closed.