Jul 1, 2007

Yellowstone ahoy

Will I be able to access wi-fi in West Yellowstone? Maybe. If so, you might see semi-regular updates from the summer's first road trip. If not, you'll have to go without your daily decorabilia, starting tomorrow.

That also means you'll have to do all your own thinking for the next week. I hope you can manage.


kennewicksheri said...

yes.. many of the motels have wi-fi connections
right outside the park entrance..
in what used to be the twinbears gift store.. is an internet cafe....

so don't dismay

Recruiting Animal said...

Jim, I loved your pithy comment at Mark Roberts blog. It came out of nowhere at the very end and, for me, was a show stopper in an already fascinating conversation.

TheTachyix said...

I couldn't do it.


Pati said...

Another great place to check your email/get wi fi is www.send-it-home.com. this place has been her for years and is cheaper than the old twinbears, and much more helpful!