Jul 9, 2007

while I was out

I was tromping around northwestern Wyoming, but my blog neighbors were busy at their keyboards. A sampling of their activities:

The TRP finally has a job, and on the exact day, July 2, that he got his very first. "From now on, July 2nd shall be celebrated as TRP Gets A Job Day."

My brother has posted 8 random facts about himself.
Instead of gum, my friend and I ended up with a black, cinnamon-flavored plug that strangely resembled chewing tobacco when we inserted it in our lip. Really, there are few things more pathetic than 10-year-olds pretending to chew tobacco.
That should really read, "my friend and my brother and I," since yours truly co-conspired in creating the bitter, cinnamony chaw. (I've also been tagged by that meme--in due time, gentle readers.)

Peter Wall is starting to think like a lawyer all the time.
You can’t go into this field unless you can figure out a way to deal with feeling stupid and embarrassed and worried at nearly every turn. And if you never feel stupid or embarrassed or worried, then maybe you are not doing your job as well as you should be. On the other hand, knowing the law generally puts one in a position of power, or at least control. Plus, the flip side of feeling stupid when you don’t know something is that you can always go look it up. It might take you a few hours of research, but you can find an answer to anything. Even more exciting, if you can’t find an answer, you can devise an answer and then try to convince a judge that your answer is the right one.
PZ Myers was in Seattle, and I missed him. "It was a great evening, and the only blemish is that there are now about 50 more people who know that I'm not ten feet tall and that I don't breathe fire."

Mark Olson has posted 8 facts, too. "I’ve only been to about two or three rock concerts in my life."

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