Jul 24, 2007

Weekly World News to close

Farewell to the nation's most reputable source of fringe media. Every blogger owes a debt of gratitude to the groundbreaking publication. It proved that everything is true, if only someone would have the guts to report it.

[via Heidi McDonald via Brian Doherty]

Update: PZ graciously links and laments,
Bat boy will be homeless. Ed Anger will have no outlet for his rage. Fox News will have no competition.


dogscratcher said...

Say it ain't so! I always pick up a copy before I go to the in-laws house because it's fun to read and I feel more deserving of the funny looks they give me.

Jim Anderson said...

There's always Star.

M.T. McLaughlin said...

Farewell, my love. I will cherish our days together.