Jul 16, 2007

Adam Morrison and J. J. Redick Watch: summer league wrapup

Adam Morrison is "on the hot seat," The Charlotte Observer reports. The new-look Bobcats just may be headed to the postseason, especially if Morrison can provide more consistent play.

John Denton is impressed by Redick's play in the Orlando summer league.
After playing his fifth game in five days, Redick opened up his arms and examined the dozen or so scratches on both of his arms. It looked as if he had just wrestled a cat -- and lost.

Orlando, especially new coach Stan Van Gundy, was eager to see just how tough Redick was, and he passed the test this week with flying colors.

Repeatedly knocked to the floor and roughed up by opposing guards, Redick kept on firing. He led the league in scoring (19.8 ppg.), while also averaging almost four assists a game.

His legs tired as the week went along, causing his shooting percentage to dip badly. But after scoring 30 points in the opener and displaying some gritty toughness, Van Gundy announced that Redick could most certainly challenge for the starting shooting guard job for the Magic next season.
Denton points out that Grant Hill's absence is largely what would give Redick the chance to start.

Potential starter with "gritty toughness." Not what you expected, eh, Charley Rosen?

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Matthew Anderson said...

Redick's grit doesn't really surprise me. He took hell from ACC fans for 4 years and it never really affected his play. I think he's going to be a good player in the NBA for a long time.