Jul 31, 2007

how we spent the evening

Melissa's uncle, pictured at right, roams the outfield for an Over 50 Softball team. (Her aunt keeps score.)
The 1st rule of Over 50: No sliding.
The 2nd rule of Over 50: No sliding.
Uncle's team, which loses more than it wins, is a jovial, tight-bound group, together for decades since Church League days.
The 1st rule of Church League: No swearing.
The 2nd rule of Church League: No backsliding.
Tonight's match, an eventual 12-8 loss for our squad, was packed with more drama than your average MLB contest, mostly because there were two more players on the field and an infinite number of pinch runners. Also, there were no easy outs, not even on easy grounders or popups. Errors do tend to ratchet up the tension.

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