Jul 29, 2007

Chris Reitsma is the kiss of death

Update 7/31: So he's been battling an arthritic right elbow, and is done for the season. No wonder he's been struggling. Sorry, Chris.

Every time he comes in, my ulcer flares up, no matter how far we're ahead. Today, he gives up three runs on a double to Nick Swisher, a lefty, when Eric O'Flaherty, a lefty, is warmed up and ready to go.

If we ultimately lose this one, blame McLaren for putting in and then sticking with Reitsma, who has a 16.00+ ERA in his last four appearances. He's just like Bobby Ayala used to be--the kiss of death.

Update: Make that a 31.50 ERA in his last four. 7 runs in 2 innings. Caramba.

Update II: We won it in crazy fashion, 14-10. Ten wins, only 3 losses against Oakland this year. Now we need to carry some momentum into the Angels series, and tie them for first in the AL West.

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