Jul 29, 2007

Boston Legal: tried and found wanting

Well, Josh, I tried. I tried to like Boston Legal. I dug the witty banter, especially James Spader's meta "I'm going to cable, that's where the best work is being done" jokes. I had learned to tolerate the bizarre musical interludes--the wailing and womp-wowing every time something "dramatic" happened. Every now and then, what I'd call "TV Law" would run roughshod over real law, but usually in the service of a decent story.

However, one episode destroyed the show's hopes for legal verisimilitude. In "From Whence We Came," the firm defends a school superintendent who has fired science teachers for refusing to teach Intelligent Design. The ID side wins as the judge gives a pap-filled, bromide-bundled speech about babies and "In God We Trust."

Meanwhile, in real life, forcing teachers to give shoutouts to creationism-in-a-slimming-dress is unconstitutional. Something about precedent and logic and evidence--you know, law.

Guess I'm sticking with cable.


TheTachyix said...

You don't watch a David Kelly show for the legalese. You watch it to see William Shatner shoot a hobo with a paintball gun.

Which, kinda like the show, is less horrible than it sounds.

Sorry for wasting your time.

pouw said...

Whoa - I just now realized that this ISN'T the same show as Boston Public. I know nothing about neither and happily this shall remain so - I think I side with Mr. A on this one, Josh.