Jun 20, 2007

sex, drugs, rock, roll, the internet, and you

Orin Kerr closely reads alarmist reportage about teenage 'net use.
I guess the headline, "Less Than 2% of Teen Discussions Posted Online on Drugs and Alcohol" was too wordy.
Take a look at the original study for some really incredible observations:
  • Teens think hooking up/having sex is fun while drunk.
  • Teenagers also report that social gatherings are more fun while drunk.
  • A significant portion of discussion focuses on teens’ concern for their friends or significant others who drink too much.
  • Vodka and beer are teens’ drinks of choice.
  • Many teens drink until they get sick and/or blackout.
  • Teenagers also discuss and debate the pros and cons of the legal drinking age.
Naive parents and educators should visit the glossary, which covers all the nuances. Only an old fogey would confuse "crank," "crunk," and "dank."

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