Jun 14, 2007

news o' the mornin'

1. Yesterday's quasi-lockdown still isn't in the news (unless it's in the paper paper).

2. Don't yell "fire!" in a crowded theater, even if there is a fire. Dictum followed; evacuation made safely as a curtain smoldered last night at the last Covered in Bees show. Within fifteen minutes everything was resolved as the (largest of the season) crowd returned for the blazing finale.

3. An old middle school buddy would have referred to 17-year-old college grad Piers Excell-Rehm as "Some kind of super-genius."

4. Larry Stone believes in the M's. Around here we have a very measured optimism.

5. Right after Seattle's Qwest Field goes Jones-only, Starbucks drops 'em. I can't imagine it'll be a huge setback for the local upstart. Who buys soda at a coffee stand, anyway?

6. Steve Chapman has a message for Tom "Welcome to America, Now Speak English" Tancredo. Se habla Ingl├ęs.

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