Jun 10, 2007

M's win--over the skeptics?

I won't be sick to my stomach anytime soon. The expanded beef recall didn't include today's burgers. I think. Also, the M's swept the supposedly red-hot Padres in rather exciting fashion, squeezing out a run in the 9th against the supposedly untouchable Trevor Hoffman. (Our boy, J.J. Putz, showed how to shut things down, closing out the game with blistering high heat.)

Geoff Baker and Jeff Nusser are all over the analysis. All I'll add: it feels good to be an M's fan. Really good. These guys have the talent, sure, but more important, the will to win. They're not getting rattled by deficits or flustered by early failures. They come back. They grind out runs. They bunt. (Felix Hernandez, anyone?) They bounce back from tough losses.

The M's of June aren't the M's of April, or even the M's of May. They have a chance to sneak up on the wild card before ESPN even notices. That is, if Oakland doesn't sneak up on them.

Seven games above .500. Last time that happened? 2003.

It feels good.

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Emmett said...

I listen to the Baseball America podcast during which they typically cover the minors, college baseball, the real detail stuff. But, last week they talked about major league clubs, specifically by divisions. They totally blew past the AL West saying "there isn't anything interesting here, especially in Seattle."

I think you're right, there is something interesting going on here below the surface of the millions of dollars sunk in Sexson and Beltre. Our King Felix pitches a human game and we still win.

I can't put my finger on it, but it seems to be working.