Jun 25, 2007

Mariners beat Red Stockings

Afraid that the last two wins against the subpar Astros Reds (see comment below) were mere gifts of the gods, Seattleites sighed in relief this evening when the Mariners exploded against Julian Tavarez, knocking him out in the 5th en route to a 9-4 victory.

Nice to see Weaver notch a win, he of the early-season antacid arm.

Seven games above .500, and within pickoff distance of the wild-card. Hope. Slim, but measurable.


TheTachyix said...

Not to sound like a jerk, but isn't the bulk of the season still ahead of them? Can hopes truly be slim?

Jim Anderson said...


This far into the season, their chance of regaining 7 games on the Angels is somewhere around 4%. Their chance of making the wild-card is about 7%. The folks at coolstandings provide the numbers, based on statistical analysis of teams in similar situations throughout baseball's rich and wondrous history.

TeacherRefPoet said...

To the editors:

The Mariners' last two wins were against the Reds, not the Astros (who swept us in Houston). And your use of "Red Stockings" is confusing, as the 1859 Cincinnati Red Stockings are considered a precursor to the Reds/Redlegs/Reds, not the Red Sox, who grew from the Boston Pilgrims.

Please fix these or I will demand a refund of my subscription money.

Jim Anderson said...

Reds. Don't know why I had the Stros on my mind, except for that they're just another crappy NL Central team.

I refuse to change "Red Stockings," though. I refuse to be held captive by the past.

TheTachyix said...

But you will be a prisoner of statistics...?

Jim Anderson said...

Statistics pack heat.