Jun 18, 2007

Lakefair haters, unite

You have nothing to lose but a little Lakefair.
The Olympia City Council passed an ordinance this month that enables the city to charge festivals for much of the city’s expenses related to each event, beginning in 2008.

Neither Lakefair nor the city has estimated how much it will cost the festival.

“We aren’t quite sure how this is going to impact our budget because of the vagueness of the writing of the ordinance,” Lakefair President Teri Chmielewski said.

Chmielewski said Lakefair is bracing for the worst and might have to scale back the event.
Sadly, you can count me among the indifferent. Whatever charm Lakefair may once have possessed, it's turned into a lamer form of Super Saturday, except with overpriced rides and zero charm.

Scale it, fin it and gut it. Or throw it back. Whatever it takes.

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Aaron said...

Lakefair- Olympia throws a party and Yelm shows up