Jun 13, 2007

the day in numbers

One interpretive reading of this story about a suit-crazy judge, performed by my wife. [Link via Obscure Store]
Two eggs, over medium.
Three slices of toast, two with peanut butter, one with peanut butter and strawberry jam.
Five miles to school at a leisurely clip.
Four classes before lunch.
One very strange announcement of a quasi-lockdown, followed by a retraction three minutes later. (Hasn't hit The Olympian yet. Hmm.)
Two slices of Brewery City pepperoni pizza, cold.
Two handfuls of cherries.
One banana, Dole, underripe.
One can of Pepsi.
One remarkable rendition of "The Starcraft Blues."
Seven minutes of reflection.
One last Covered in Bees show, tonight.

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