Jun 19, 2007

Capital High School 2007 graduation a success

Aaron Cole, the student speaker, gave a fine speech (I'll add quotes later), and Dale Knuth, the faculty speaker, provided a thoughtful and classy tribute to Dave Shipley, the Dean of Teachers who, sadly, is retiring at the end of the year.

Principal Poff, who's leaving, too, was hugged, kissed, picked up,twirled, body bumped, and applauded through the course of the evening, and not necessarily in that order.

The streaker, whoever he was, absconded quickly and mercifully. The band was energetic as always. The choir sang with great cheer. Many beach balls were batted.

Yours truly laments the fact that he did not get to say farewell to as many of his former students as he had hoped, but treasures the kind words from those who sought him out after the ceremony. Sweet sorrow, indeed.

Update: The Olympian profiles this "unconventional" class. The list of graduates is here.


M.T. McLaughlin said...

I wanted to say something to you, but I was being dragged around by people. It was so hectic. And of course my parents couldn't give a crap less about giving me time to say goodbye to anyone.

Jim Anderson said...

At least you know I'm only a blog away. Cheers, Mark. You're unconventional as they come, and good on you.

Aaron said...

ehh hemm. The official term for the "body bump" Ms. Poff received was bellied. Ms. Poff was bellied.

Aaron said...

"Aaron Cole, the student speaker, gave a fine speech (I'll add quotes later),"

I patiently await your additions