Jun 27, 2007

Board meets; discusses cuts

The Olympian reports:
A job saving energy in Olympia schools should be saved from being cut, Olympia residents told the Olympia School Board Tuesday night.

Residents argued that retaining the district’s resource conservation manager — a full-time employee who looks for ways to save electricity, water and gas and teaches students about conservation — was a bad place to cut. The job pays about $70,000....

Also Tuesday, the Olympia School Board unanimously approved 3.7 percent pay raises for 21 administrator positions, including those of the superintendent and other department directors. The information technology manager and two special education directors received additional boosts. The increases came to about $96,000, which Crawford said had already been a factor during the budget discussions.
Our current energy saver has left for a different job, which might explain why the heat was on Monday morning as I cleaned my classroom.

The Board meets for a study session Monday, July 9, and votes the following week. They have a lot more to look over.

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