Jun 30, 2007

Ben Broussard goes 4-4 as M's beat Halladay

Sure, there aren't yet three outs recorded in the 9th, but is Eric O'Flaherty going to implode? Not likely. So we'll call this a victory for the M's, brought to you by the letter B for Ben Broussard, and the number 4, for 4-for-4. (Yes, that's four consecutive homophones.) B is also for Batista, who got the job done before ceding in the 7th.

Two up on the Jays, and only four back of the Angels. Feels pretty darn good.


bean said...

glad you didn't curse them by writing that. they only gave up one in the ninth. whew. seven in a row!!!

Jim Anderson said...


For about thirty seconds, I was a little nervous that the ghost of Yogi Berra was going to cackle "It ain't over 'till it's over," sending every O'Flaherty offering into the gap in left center. But then I remembered that Berra isn't dead.