May 5, 2007

Wang misses perfect game; Weaver mediocre, an improvement

Wang very nearly had it, until Ben Broussard smacked a hanging breaking ball in the eighth, spoiling the perfect game, no-hitter, and shutout at once. Wasn't nearly enough for the anemic Mariners, who, without Beltre in the lineup, and with Buck-Twenty-Five Bloomquist in it, couldn't get much going.

For a while, Weaver hung in there, mixing in some wicked sliders with well-placed fastballs. When he finally folded, I was sure Hargrove was going to get him out early, put in someone like O'Flaherty or Sherrill, and try to stay in the game. Instead, Hargrove handed Weaver a shovel, and he promptly began digging a grave and burying himself in it. Apparently giving up, Hargrove replaced Weaver with Sean White, who threw on the last clumps of dirt.

Amazingly, despite giving up 6 runs in five and 2/3 frames, Weaver lowered his ERA.

Weaver isn't hopeless, but Hargrove just might be.

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