May 22, 2007

trying too hard, or not trying hard enough?

The Mariners lost another close one that really shouldn't have been.
"We left 10 men on base and we hit the ball well, but we just didn't get the big hit with people in scoring position," Hargrove said. "We had our chances."
In other words, we hit well, except when it really counted. Two runs en route to a 5-2 loss.

The biggest problem, though, if I'm going to second-guess the manager, which I suppose is my blogging obligation, was Hargrove's trust in Baek through the 7th. Baek served up two singles and walk--and Hargrove kept him in.

Baek's biggest problem thus far has been his weakness when facing a lineup a third time. Hargrove, watching him give up one single and then another, has to know this--yet doesn't seem to have anyone ready in the bullpen, so Baek faces a few more batters and serves up the game. When your squad is crapping out every time they have guys in scoring position, you can't go and cede two or three runs.

The Mariners sometimes appear to be trying too hard--willing themselves into failure by trying to pound everything, no matter how far out of the strike zone. Hargrove, though, doesn't seem to be trying hard enough.

I'd rather lose by eight runs than suffer last night's indignity. At least then I'd be sure we were incompetent to the core.

Added: Nuss explains how management has roasted the Golden Goose.


Ariel said...

I feel like Hargrove isn't even there most of the time. It makes me change the channel to NASCAR.

Jim Anderson said...

Even golf announcers have more passion than Silent Grove.

Ariel said...

Dave Neihouse for M's manager! Rick Riz would be fine too.