May 22, 2007

a reporter takes the WASL

The eighth grade math WASL, that is. The results: far from pretty.
Later that night, after downloading the entire 52 pages from the two sessions of the 8th grade math WASL, I hit my stride. I got a few right, mostly multiple choices, which only count for one point whereas the multi-parter counts for four. But, I even got three correct in a row!

Nevertheless, even with that success, I knew if I were in 8th grade and had to take this test for real, well, I'd probably be heading to summer school.
Our own David Johnston, who sent along the link, appears in the comments.

Some wags have called for our state's leaders to take the WASL and prove their mettle--and its. I'd be afraid, though, that it would only undermine confidence in our fragile democracy.

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