May 4, 2007

proud member of a "Dream Team"

Apparently the teachers who worked on revising Capital's 9th grade English curriculum are going to be recognized as a "Dream Team" at the next school board meeting. This past summer, I wrote:
I've learned that it's pretty darn tough to choose texts for a wide range of reading abilities, genres, styles, and backgrounds. I've had to read books I would never pick off a shelf--Slam!, Uglies, The Runner, Sabriel--and to re-examine every facet of my teaching in the light of research and my peers' expertise. Most important, though, I've learned the reward and intellectual satisfaction of collaborative curriculum construction.

Even in the summer.
It's paid off throughout the year. We have engaged, motivated students, mirroring the engagement and motivation of the professionals who have labored mightily to provide a rich and rigorous experience in the freshman year.

It's great to be recognized--and even greater to work with such amazing, committed people.

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