May 28, 2007

now that's refreshing: M's take it, 12-5

Everyone--and that includes me--feared that the M's recent offensive explosion came from facing subpar pitching. Silence, doubters: these guys are still hot, pounding the Halos 12-5 in a marvelous change from last month's underachievement.

Beltre's four extra baggers, Ichiro's streak, and Richie Sexson's rediscovered power, along with solid pitching by Miguel Batista--who's quietly gone 5-2*--all came together at the right time for a sensational win. If the M's can keep hitting with confidence and get a few quality starts, they've got every chance to keep it close in the A.L. West.

I think. For now.

*Batista is 5-4; Bartolo Colon dropped to 5-2. I must've misheard the radio broadcast on the way home from band practice.


TeacherRefPoet said...

I'm with you except for the "solid pitching by Miguel Batista" part. Batista was awful and got away with it...lots of baserunners. Nine hits and four walks in five and a third? That's nearly 3 baserunners per inning. Not solid. Not even liquid. Simply gaseous.

Today will be the toughest to win of the series. Feierabend will have to pull one out today to set up a sweep on Felix Day.

This is fun for once.

Jim Anderson said...

I missed the early frames, relying on the radio through the last three. Looking over the line, I don't know why I thought it was "solid" the first time. I probably mixed up his numbers with Colon's, too.

I'll be watching tonight, for sure, while grading papers and fretting.