May 27, 2007

mere heterodoxy

Over at Mere Orthodoxy, my brother has announced a new scheme. Other blogs invite oustide expert to post commentary, but, as he writes,
Here at Mere O, though, we’ve set the standard lower. The only qualifications we are looking for are:
  • that the author is a reader of Mere O

  • that the author agrees to take full responsibility for what he writes...

  • that the author won’t take money from us if we ever decide to put ads on Mere O, and their post brings in traffic from search engines.
Which means, of course, that over the course of this series we may be posting essays with which we vehemently disagree as authors of Mere O. All essays will carry the appropriate disclaimers, of course.
My brother is "ridiculously excited" for the new feature, and I have to say I'm equally enthused. After all, I'll be participating.

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