May 7, 2007

how to remember the names of the twelve disciples

The easiest way to remember things is to create an acrostic. The colors of the rainbow are "ROY G. BIV." The notes on a staff go "Every Good Boy Does Fine." (Proponents of the "Deserves Fruit" acrostic sometimes protest, but to be quite honest, every good boy does not deserve fruit.)

Still, even an acrostic isn't enough. The essence of memory is repetition. You must repeat the acrostic at least seven times in order for it to stick.

Without further ado, then: how to remember the names of the twelve disciples.


Simply Put, As Jesus enJoys Peanut Butter, Thus Jesus' Throng Should Joyously.

Simon Peter
James Alphaeus
Simon the Cananean
Judas Iscariot

Be careful, though, since repetition is also the essence of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Remember what happened to Philip Glass?

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Anonymous said...

there's only eleven!
Is this some sort of joke? Does everyone else get it but me?

Jim Anderson said...

Yes, and no.

Anonymous said...

... your missing Matthew... he only wrote the first account of the birth of Jesus though, not that important (sarcasm)

Anonymous said...

you should put at the end thus jesus May (Mathew) Ties shoes joyously

Anonymous said...

what about the other judas?

Anonymous said...

Thaddaeus is the other Judas

Anonymous said...

what about paul???