May 9, 2007

green means go

Going green, I switched to compact fluorescents in the kitchen, which is now, as Shakespeare might phrase it, "Sicklied o'er with a pale cast of mint." Fried eggs, in particular, take on an almost radioactive glow. Such is the price we pay for offsetting Al Gore's emissions.

Or just our own. Green, as the title makes clear, is a symbol of movement. I'm traveling today.

Here is my destination:

Here is my purpose:

While I'm gone, click links liberally--all those quality blogs on the right are begging for your attention. I have a hefty archive, too. Plenty to keep you busy.

See you in a few days.


Matthew Anderson said...

Safe travels. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

TheTachyix said...

Wait...there are stoplights in the sky now?