May 15, 2007

grading the WEA's grading

I've been out of action for the past week, traveling to Spain to visit my wife, who's studying there. That doesn't mean that other quality bloggers have been resting their mice, though. Yesterday Ryan tackled the WEA's legislative report card. A sample:
Pensions/Gainsharing: D

Apparently we don’t believe in Fs, because if any one area deserved it this is the one. Lisa Brown might be an economist, but she’s certainly no friend of anyone who wants to retire from teaching.

And let’s be blunt—the WEA gets an F here, too. We went into the session trumpeting a true rule of 85; we’ve come out with the retirement age being lowered to 62 and not much else. New employees can now choose between TRS 2 and TRS 3, but those of us who didn’t get to choose and were placed in TRS3 automatically get nothing....
As they say, read the whole thing--and as for me, I'll be back in full blogging swing once I finish some grading of my own. Two seven-hour trans-Atlantic flights and two three-hour train trips through the south of Spain just weren't enough.

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