May 29, 2007

Feierabend good, but good isn't good enough as M's lose

Gotta hand it to Ryan Feierabend, who looked positively Moyeresque at times tonight, getting the Angels to flail helplessly at sick circle changes. One wee mistake pitch to Shea Hillenbrand, though, put Los Angeles* up for good, as the M's offense mostly spun its wheels against Ervin Santana.

For a few minutes in the first, Santana looked like he was going to fizzle out, but a rocket up the middle by Johjima doinked off the mound and into a double play, leaving the bases full with only one run in. At that point my internal pessimist said, that's it, he'll settle down and the M's will suddenly go cold. I didn't want to be right.

The long reach of Julio Mateo from beyond the grave--you brought this on yourselves, Mariners.

*Of Anaheim

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