May 26, 2007

Covered in Bees and the mysterious guests

Last night, Covered in Bees improv did three crazy things.

1. Featured special guest Sara Rucker Thiessen of the Heartsparkle Players.
She had bid a boatload at a fundraising auction to win the right to come on stage--but it's not like she went up and goofed around like an amateur. Oh, no. Consummately professional and utterly fearless, Sara and her estrogen darn near stole the show.

2. Used a format for the entire show.
Jack and Suvir sat down to watch a DVD--"Cyberpunk"--which the cast members performed on the fly, including a looped menu, behind-the-scenes interviews, deleted scenes, an alternate ending, and sheer lunacy when Suvir crossed over into the television, culminating in the movie's revenge on reality. Breaching the fourth wall while within the confines of the fourth wall: how exceedingly meta.

3. Dragged me on stage.
It wasn't really dragging. I had sat in on the pre-show rundown, as Esa drew up the basic format, but wasn't ready when, two minutes before starting, Esa found me in my usual seat and said, "We need more people to make this work--and we need to make sure we have enough continuity. Mr. A., can you be in the show?"

I said yes, and the rest--Tess, the killer robot who loved too much--is improv history.

1 comment:

Esa said...

Mr. Anderson, that was a fantastic show. Ridiculously fun. And one of the strongest things we ever did, in my opinion. And usually that many performers makes for quite the cluster$#%@ on stage. I completely forgot that you were Tess.

Man, and it ended with Christopher Walken aka The Wrathful Archangel Gabriel played by both Trevor and myself bending reality and destroying mankind, but then rewinding it all with the remote that Jack and Suvir were using. Damn.

Super Samurai Sexbot. That was you as well. Well done, you magnificent bastard.