May 23, 2007

120th Carnival of Education: head over

This morning my freshfolks were reviewing roots and vocabulary for an upcoming assessment. "Carn," one said. "I know 'carnivore,'" but what's another word using it?

"Carnival," I said.

"What in the world does a carnival have to do with meat?"

"It's not about meat, but the lack thereof," I replied. "Something to do with Lent, I'd imagine. A celebration of all things meaty before weeks of meatlessness."

Wanting to be certain, I headed for the dictionary, thumbed through A and B and settled on "Car - Carton." There it was, left column near the bottom. "I'm right," I said.

"You're always right," the freshfolk replied.

Happy 120th Carnival of Education, and big thanks to Ryan for the link.

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