Apr 1, 2007

HB 1307 no longer applies to high school students

Sad news, as Jeff Nusser reports. Statements from Brian Schraum, Dave Upthegrove, and Kathy Schrier are available on his site.

Nusser, Schraum, and student journalists lobbied the hell out of this issue, and even convinced me to adopt their perspective: that the principal is not a publisher, and that our state law needs to clearly and specifically protect the rights of student journalists, not just in universities.

Nusser writes,
This is a tough day -- a sad day -- but we need to keep fighting. There will continue to be things that we all can do in Washington to fight unjust censorship of student media.
If I can learn what the law really says and abandon false assumptions, maybe others can, too--even nearsighted administrators. If we can't legislate, we can still educate.

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