Apr 21, 2007

comeback kidders

It's late in the Mariners game, and, as seems to be the pattern these days, we're slowly building up a late rally, down 7-2. Since our late rallies seem to consistently fall short, Dad keeps flipping back and forth between the contest and whatever schlock is playing on the Hallmark Channel--some sort of disaster movie night.

As the Mariners load up the bases, Dad checks back in with Luke and Tia, reunited again to save the world from burning plasma and insipid dialogue. "Come on," I say. "Enough with Supernova."

Dad shoots back, "The world is falling apart!"

"But so is the Angel bullpen!"

Two minutes later, Ben Broussard smacks the first pinch hit grand slam in Mariner history.

7-6, Anaheim. Real drama.

Update: We did it again, losing by that same score.

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