Apr 15, 2007

Adam Morrison and J.J. Redick Watch: April 15

Bothered by an injury, Redick sat as Orlando, relieved and a bit lucky, marched into the playoffs. Brian Schmitz of The Orlando Sentinel notes that J.J. feels he hasn't yet given the Magic his best:
This summer, he plans to hit the weight room -- he says his bench press is up from 185 to 230 pounds -- more than ever. Redick will play for the Magic's summer-league team and for Team USA "as long as my invitation is still good."

"I'm going to put pressure on myself this summer," he said. "I'm going to put in the work. I can't predict where I'll be, but I know I'll be a better player.

"I'd give myself a 'C' this year. Some say I've had a disappointing year. I say average. And I never want to be average."
That would make it disappointing, right?

In other news, yesterday Adam Morrison sat due to his own injury issues, while his partner in lengthy locks, Walter Herrmann, stepped it up and dropped 30 on the hapless Bucks.

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