Mar 7, 2007

a witch hunter if the witches are Communists

Adolphe Menjou, reincarnated as an elementary school principal:
"Once Mr. Albano had a change in his religion, he began to suspect Lauren Berrios was a practitioner of witchcraft," said attorney John Ray of Miller Place....

Tuesday, in an interview at Ray's office, Berrios said her fingernails, makeup and clothing apparently made her look like a witch in the principal's eyes.

Berrios, 37, who vehemently denies ever practicing witchcraft, said there was no reason her appearance at the school could have been mistaken for anything other than a prim and well-kept professional.

She sat in Ray's office sporting a sparkly silver sweater, French manicured nails and blonde hair neatly upswept as she recounted how rumors of witchcraft had led to her being denied tenure and eventually fired from the district.
Insert Monty Python reference here.

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