Mar 10, 2007

where to dine in Lacey: Speedway Brewing Co.

Don't like meat? Leave. Like meat? Leave happy.

That's the word we got from our amiable server, referring to The Olympian's recent review complaining about the lack of vegetarian options. Despite the overall thumbs-up and the passage of time, our man was still steamed. "You wouldn't go to a vegan restaurant and ask for a steak," he declared, and I pretty much have to agree.

Since we were early, we ordered pulled pork and brisket sandwiches, opting for baked beans and potato salad. The Coke came cold in a plastic bottle, the meals on paper plates, no messin' around. The meat was done just right, and the sides were a perfect complement of sweet and savory. At under ten dollars a plate, a full belly won't empty your wallet. (The lunch specials are right reasonable, too.)

Try the hot barbecue sauce, in the bottle with the red stripe. It's not overly spicy, but adds a nice twang. Word is the beer is pretty good, too. Maybe next time, when we're not in a hurry.

So, if you like Texas-style barbecue, where the beef is tender and the sauce is bold, head over to Speedway. Just don't ask for ribs before 5:00--and don't dare ask for a tofu appetizer.


Emmett said...

Speedway also has great beer. The IPA is especially bitey for those that like their IPA to draw blood.

The owner (or one of the owners, I think) is a great guy, met him when he was a videographer with USFWS.

Ariel said...

You should try Ranch House BBQ near Summit Lake.

Jim Anderson said...

Indeed we should--again. It's been almost a year.

Speedway Brewing Co. said...

Thanks for the great review! We now have ribs pretty much everyday of the week but still no tofu. We appreciate all the promotion from our happy patrons, Thanks again and we'll keep up the good work.