Mar 11, 2007

where I was yesterday

Explained nicely by The News-Tribune:
Anderson was one of 350 students from 56 high school speech and debate teams vying for honors Saturday in the Washington State Individual Events Tournament.

The students faced off in eight speaking categories, including dramatic and humorous interpretation and impromptu and extemporaneous speaking.

Next Friday and Saturday, students will compete at UPS for the Washington State Debate Tournament. Both events are sponsored by the Washington State Forensics Association.
The Anderson cited is no relation. Capital sent three students, two coming back with trophies. Congrats to Forrest Rice (2nd, 3A expository) and Erik Luetkehans (finalist, 3A humorous interpretation).

I'd say that the state debate tournament is up next, but we have a qualifier for NFL Student Congress this Tuesday. Which means more goodness to come.


Debate's Biggest Fan said...

I'm sad I'll be missing state debate this year. When I think of all the hours I spent sitting, watching debaters talk to themselves in corners, running to make it on time to rounds, hearing the same expos. and oratory speeches over and over, and yelling the most creative team cheers on the planet while never actually being an active participant in a speech or debate round, it makes me feel quite proud.

Jim Anderson said...

It makes me proud to see you so proud. And even prouder to be proud of my pride in your pride.

Spirit. Pass it on.