Mar 11, 2007

teacher wearing blue jeans and a tie

First, the rule: never. Never wear jeans and a neck tie. Not ever.

Second, the operating assumption: the tie is being worn in the standard fashion, not as a belt. (If a teacher is wearing "Stuff by Hillary Duff," there is no hope for humanity.) Also, let's rule out bolo ties and bow ties. The former are classy; the latter, charitable.

There may have been times when I have flouted the rule and dressed like a hipster at a nerd convention, but no more. (See Orlando Bloom, right.) Those were youthful mistakes, and in my wisdom, I now understand that ties are acceptable only when accompanied by dress slacks or khakis.

Third, the rare exception: unless you're a teacher at the School of Punk. And no, faux punk doesn't count. (See Avril Lavigne, left.)

If it's casual Wednesday, jeans are fine. If it's any given school day, a necktie is grand. But never, never, never blend denim and neckties.

Thank you.

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