Mar 26, 2007

post-weekend update

1. I just won an OSPI scholarship that covers half the cost of National Board certification. Thank you, legislature, for making the process much more manageable. And thank you, OSPI, for your generosity with government funds. My future students will thank you as well.

2. Speaking of students: a freshfolk, after drinking a soda, peeled off the label and announced, "Hey, I just won a snack wrap!" I started a slow clap, which built into requisite applause. Then I wrote "snack wrap slow clap" on the board, and we tried it out as a tongue twister. It works pretty well.

3. I have a senior who can do this almost perfectly.

4. That describes how I feel right now. Just when I'm finally in control of the new trimester, my wife is preparing to study in Spain for ten weeks. Such excitement, such sadness. I'm not ready to re-bachelor.

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