Mar 15, 2007

once more about the pledge

A teen in Monroe has allegedly caught flack from a teacher for refusing to stand during the pledge.
When the rest of his classmates stood during fifth period for the Pledge of Allegiance, King stayed seated. A few teachers questioned him, he said, but until this year, none challenged his right to sit quietly.

But recently, King said, a music teacher told him he was required to stand with the other students. He said the teacher, in front of a class of about 30 students, also challenged his patriotism, his loyalty and his religious beliefs.

Now the Monroe School District is investigating whether the teacher exceeded her authority in insisting that he stand for the daily flag salute.

"It's never right to call a student out for their beliefs. That's not what public school is about," said Rosemary O'Neil, spokeswoman for the Monroe schools.

The teacher, Katie Lenoue, said she'd be in "a lot of trouble with the district" if she commented.
I'll wait for all the facts before rushing to judge Lenoue. I would like to point out, though, that O'Neil is only partly right: students who sit during the pledge are visually "called out" by their refusal to stand. There's already enough social pressure to rise and mumble with the rest of the class. A teacher who goes further and publicly dresses down a student is a boor, and ignorant, too.

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