Mar 3, 2007

I learned it at Nat Quals

As I mentally prepare for another day of judging speech and debate, I consider what I have learned so far:

  • The average home costs only $40,000. I can finally afford a home. (Later on, I decided you could say the median home costs $10,000--and when someone asks how that's possible, say you're talking about homes built in the median.) (Guess rising problem of foreclosure is a myth.) (Three parentheses in a row.)
  • Religion is important in America, because many Americans listen to Michal Savage.
  • This is not a test case for the consumer credit PuFo resolution: "I don't think it's gonna happen--some guy's not going to blow all his cash on a trip to Europe, then come back home and screw his kids."
  • The Economist is bimonthly, or maybe monthly, as are Time and Newsweek. (It's time to abolish "sources" in extemp. Without any accountability, they are total B.S.) (Be sure to tell your story, Josh.)
  • Public Forum debate is intellectually and morally bankrupt. Also, it hurts.


Esa said...

Michael Savage makes my mind burn. I'm going to start reading your blog more often.

TeacherRefPoet said...

Sorry about the bad Public Forum rounds. But, to be fair, one could say "Debate is intellectually and morally bankrupt" if one has been in the wrong rounds of any flavor of debate...

Be that as it may, I might have been sucked back into the milieu today.

swankette said...

How can you say sources should be abolished in extemp? Today I was presented with information from "some analyst guy from the Associated Press." That's GOOD research right there!

Jim Anderson said...

trp, I wouldn't be so bummed if I'd ever seen a good PuFo round. What's it like?

TeacherRefPoet said...


I started to answer here, but it got too damn long. The answer is on my blog.