Mar 6, 2007

fortune cookies

"Bushels of gold coin are coming your way."

"You continue to take chances. Good will come of it."

Two fortune cookies, the requisite aperitif to a Panda Express feast. Timely, what with the record MegaMillions drawing and all. Each with one dollar to our wallet, my wife and I got in line at Albertson's and bought a ticket. The signs were too strong.

It is the only time in my life I have purchased lottery tickets, and it probably shows moral weakness, an irascible irrational streak, and deep-seated greed, but what the hell: $2 for a chance at $370 million, minus governmental appropriations. At over $14 million per annum for twenty-six annums, I could finally retire to blog full time.

(For what it's worth--$2--we lost. Damn fortune cookies.)


Matthew Anderson said...

Maybe if you had bet that money on sports....

Jim Anderson said...

If I could find a sports betting pool where I could turn a $1 ticket into $370 million, I'd entirely abandon my scrupulous moralizing.