Mar 23, 2007

didn't see this one coming

The WASL's been attacked from just about every conceivable angle, now including a charge of ethnic stereotyping:
A story depicting Mexican immigrant children picking strawberries for less than $1 an hour will be removed from a statewide test after an outcry from Latino leaders and test opponents.

Terry Bergeson, Washington state's top public education official, said Thursday the book excerpt should not have been used without an explanation that the scenes were from the 1950s, and not the present.

Opponents of the high-stakes statewide test and a national Latino group said they were not satisfied.

"This is not over. It's just getting started," said Maria Salazar, a regional vice president for the League of United Latin American Citizens.
It was true a while ago, and it's still true: no end of WASL controversy in sight.

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