Mar 27, 2007

ahead of the curve: Olympia School District technology proposal

Changing the paradigm, one proposal at a time:
A recent survey found that 88 percent of Olympia teachers use technology at the most basic level, primarily to increase their productivity through e-mail and word processing.

At least 75 percent of teachers would use technology in more advanced ways to engage students under Olympia's proposed 2007-10 technology plan.
As one of those rarefied 12 percenters, let me just say this: it's time. There are just too many amazing tools out there--wikis, blogs, podcasts, smart boards, you name 'em--to go unused.

However, even as a technophile, I don't believe in mandating the use of any particular technology in a given classroom. What I see the district offering is the flexibility to apply the tools needed for a specific task, in a specific environment, in a way that a teacher can adopt without fear. (Look at the district strategies here.)

The plan includes provisions for support and maintenance, but no specifics. Will we hire more staff to handle the inevitable influx of issues? The more we depend on technology, the more we depend on those who manage it.

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