Mar 4, 2007

Adam Morrison and J.J. Redick Watch: liveblogging the homecoming

For Adam Morrison, that is--although the fact doesn't even merit a mention in the Times preview. (Redick's squad's race to the bottom continues.) No fear, Adam: I'm right here, ready to liveblog your gangly return to the Evergreen State.

5:45 Prediction: Morrison, glad to be playing in front of a friendly crowd, scores 30. Ray Allen's surprise reentry to the lineup, though, means the Sonics win in a romp. Or a blowout. Or a walk. Or a snoozefest. You choose.

5:51 "The pride of Mead High School" says his rookie year has been "good so far" as the camera spotlights the "Welcome Back Adam" sign and shows live-action Adam schmoozing with fans. Morrison, while chatting, chews cud like a sleepy steer. Lesson, kids: when on camera, talk with your mouth empty.

I hope that Morrison's excuse for hirsuteness is that he's donating his hair and mustache to Locks of Love.

5:57 Morrison, so long ago, was a clean-shaven lad.

5:59 Bob Hill says Morrison is talented, but needs to work on his game. Bob Hill is talented, but needs to work on his coaching.

6:20 Bickerstaff leaves Morrison on the bench to start the contest. This will be an epic decision--and brilliant. The Sonics, lulled into complacency by the move, will be shocked by Morrison's entrance and fall to the court weeping when the Big Sky Big Boy takes it to the hole. 9-6 'Cats.

6:23 Morrison misses his first shot. False sense of security. Promise.

6:25 Morrison defends either Lewis or Collison, and looks overmatched against both. So far, turnovers are the Bobcats' worst nemesis. Three bad passes and a travel. 11-11.

6:27 His first basket is ungainly, off a rough dribble, just like the old days. He looks more comfortable shooting when he's uncomfortable in the offensive set. Go figure. 17-13 'Cats.

6:30 His second basket is the same ungainly affair from the left side. Step back, nail it, call the foul. 19-13.

6:39 At the end of the quarter, Morrison leads the 'Cats with 7 points. The Sonics are behind 27-23. All my predictions will still come true. Just wait.

6:45 Gerald Wallace of the Bobcats crashes into a little kid wearing an Adam Morrison jersey, making him (the kid) cry. The Sonics' lackadaisical defense makes me cry.

6:54 The Sonics have regained the lead. Morrison, coincidentally, hasn't seen the ball in a few minutes. Everyone else on the 'Cats is stone cold--and they'd be in a bigger hole if the Sonics weren't cold as well.

6:56 Morrison gets the ball, cans a three. 32-32.

6:56 And then gives up a rainbow to Ray Allen. Mismatch of all mismatches. Allen again for three, and it's 37-32 Sonics.

7:00 Trading baskets. Ray Allen is a man afire. 7-10 so far. Wallace cleans up a Morrison mess. 39-36 Sonics.

7:02 A couple fast breaks and a power stuff by Lewis take the Sonics to 43-36. I'm going to leave off here while my prediction is still sound--the wife is home. I'll come back for analysis in a little while.

7:49 Quick check-in. Allen cooled down (he was bound to) and Lewis stepped up, but so did Gerald Wallace, and the Cats have tied it with 3:00 in the 3rd, 65-65. Morrison has ten.

7:52 When I counted on the Sonics to win it in a romp, I didn't factor in Fabio.

10:12 I skipped the rest of the second half to watch Pulse, the Japanese borer film. In the meantime, Ray Allen ruled, the Sonics won, Morrison sort of disappointed, and the world did not self-destruct as the Internet made us all become suicidal disappearing zombies.

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