Mar 1, 2007

55 is the loveliest number

Skeptics' Circle 55, that is.
This is a significant milestone for the Skeptics' Circle, which not everyone may have realised. The 55th hosting of this circle doubles the vibrational energy of the number 5, and the numerological value of this edition returns us to the beginnings (5+5=10 reduced to 1+0=1).

EoR has therefore bowed to the higher energies of the universe in organising this edition based on the numerological vibrations of the submitters. Numerology is, of course, a science that has been proven by thousands of years of traditional use, dating back to at least Babylonian times. And they probably got it directly from the Atlanteans. Who got it from the interdimensional Martians.
Amazingly, a post titled "No, it's SIX Bananas" ends up in the 8 energy field. That is the magic of numerology.

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