Feb 12, 2007

USA Today supports student journalists and HB 1307

Reader Nuss points us to a USA Today op-ed supporting HB 1307, the speech-rights-for-journalism bill. The gist:
The legislation pending in Washington state would give principals the right to see student publications before they go to press, but prohibit censorship or stopping of publication unless material is obscene, libelous or slanderous.

A major function of schools is to prepare students for life in a democracy. And one of the cornerstones of democracy is the free exchange of ideas. Lessons in bowing to life under censorship shouldn't be part of the curriculum.
As for the bill in question, it's sitting in the Rules Committee awaiting a second reading. With Democrats in charge, it seems likely to move into the House fairly quickly.

Update: I should add that Mr. Nuss has created a blog to keep track of the issue. It, and his personal blog, will soon be added to the roll.

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